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Terms of Service: Docomo 5G Open Partner Program

If Partners cannot agree to Terms of Service, Partner cannot use the Service. Also, Partner must agree to all of the terms and contents when if there are other conditions to be checked in each section on the web.
This Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") is the usage conditions concerning Docomo 5G Open Partner Program (hereinafter referred to as "the Program") for specialized partner companies (hereinafter referred to as "Partner(s)") by NTT Docomo (hereinafter referred to as "Docomo") and the terms of use of information provision services (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") using the Docomo 5G Open Partner Program Member website (hereinafter referred to as "the Website").

1. Overview of the Service
Docomo will provide the following items to the Partners for the purpose of investigating some new usage scenes of 5G mobile communication (hereinafter referred to as "investigation"). The details of each item are as described in "Concept of DoCoMo 5G Open Partner Program".
・Information on 5G mobile communication technology from Docomo
・5G partner workshop
・Provide permanent 5G connection environment

2. Use of the Service
(1) Any admission fee, membership fee or other service usage fee will not be charged for using the service. However, the network communication fee for using the service shall be paid by the Partner.
(2) Docomo will disclose information on 5G technology and services that have determined to conduct this investigation. However, Docomo will not guarantee the accuracy of the information.
(3) Partner agrees that Docomo to announce the existence of the Program publicly.
(4) Partner shall not disclose the content of the Program to third parties without prior written consent of Docomo.
(5) Partners and Docomo shall not disclose confidential information to each other in this Program. If Partner considers joint verification experiments during the process of the program, Docomo will implement it after signing on the confidentiality agreement (MoU, etc.).
(6) There is no guarantee of any transaction between Partners and Docomo due to the start of the Service.
(7) Docomo will notify Partners about temporary interruption of the Service or any other announcements to the Partners through the Website and other methods that Docomo considers appropriate.
(8) This agreement may be changed due to the convenience of Docomo. In this case, Docomo shall inform the change of Terms on the Website and the modified Terms shall be applied after the announcement on the Website.
(9) It is necessary to conduct ID authentication specified by Docomo at the Website to use this Service.
(10) In the event that the Partner has logged in according to the method specified in this agreement for the provision of the Service, Docomo considers that this service has been used by the Partner so there is no responsibility even if the Partner gets any damage due to unauthorized use of ID.
(11) When incorrect ID / password is input more than a certain number of times, Docomo may take measures to temporarily stop using this service. In this case, if you wish to resume using this service, please use it after receiving ID reissue and password lock release according to the procedure separately specified by docomo.
(12) Docomo shall suspend the provision of the Service if the Partner falls under any of the following matters.
[1] When there is a false statement in registration information or notification matters
[2] When Partner or Docomo has violated the Terms
[3] When Docomo judges the usage of the Service is in inappropriate way

3. Privacy policy
he handling of information on Partners with the Service shall be in accordance with the "privacy policy concerning customer's personal information"( stipulated on the official Docomo website.

4. Restrictions on the use of the Service
Delay or interruption of the Service may be caused in whole or in part due to system maintenance or system trouble and Docomo is not responsible for any damage caused to the Partner.

5. Change, addition or abolition of the Service
Docomo may change, add or abolish all or part of the Service without prior notice or dissemination to the partner due to operational reasons and Docomo is not responsible for any damage caused to the Partner.

6. Prohibited items
Partner shall not perform the acts specified below when using the Service.
(1) Act of reporting false statement in registration information or notification matters
(2) Act of using the Service with illegal acts or contrary to the public order and morals with fraudulent purposes.
(3) Act of infringing Docomo or third parties' intellectual property rights such as copyright, trademark rights or other rights that may infringe.
(4) Act of infringing the privacy of third parties, or acts that may infringe.
(5) Act of slandering Docomo or third parties causing an act of damaging the honor or credibility of the party, or acts that may infringe.
(6) Act of impersonating others and using the Service.
(7) Act of interfering with the use of the Service by another party.
(8) Act of unauthorized access to the equipment of Docomo, disabling the Service, giving an excessive burden, act of obstructing the provision of the Service and its operation, or acts that may infringe.
(9) Act of interfering with Docomo's marketing activities, or acts that may interfere.
(10) Act of giving a disadvantage or damage to Docomo or any third party, or an act that are likely to occur.
(11) Act of leading to criminal acts or criminal acts, or acts that are likely to occur.
(12) Act of assigning, succeeding, lending, or providing collateral for the right to use the Service or the obligations of the Partners generated through the Service without prior consent of Docomo.
(13) In addition to each of the above items, acts in violation of laws, regulations, the Terms, public order and morals, or acts that may violate.

7. Disclaimer
Docomo is not liable for any damages of Partners or third parties caused by using the Service or other damages of partners or third parties caused by failure to use the Service.